Veil of Maya Announce New Album, False Idol


Veil of Maya — the dignitaries of djent, the spearheads of Sumeriancore,  the x of y — have announced that they’ll release a new album, False Idol, on October 20 (via Sumerian Records, duh). There has not yet been any explanation as to the inspiration behind the album’s title, but I mean c’mon don’t be a dummy. The song titles even include references to 1984, revolution, dictators, spying, and all other manner of relevant political topics:

  1. “Lull”
  2. “Fracture”
  3. “Doublespeak”
  4. “Overthrow”
  5. “Whistleblower”
  6. “Echo Chamber”
  7. “Pool Spray”
  8. “Graymail”
  9. “Manichee”
  10. “Citadel”
  11. “Follow Me”
  12. “Tyrant”
  13. “Livestream”

Alas, the first single from False Idol won’t be released ’til September 13. Presumably there will also be a pre-order link at that time. ‘Til then, here’s the cover art, which should give you plenty of material to closely examine ’til a song is released next week:


[via The PRP]

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