Corey Taylor and Stone Sour Make a Cameo in Steel Panther’s New Video (NSFW: Boobies)


We’ve all been there: coming out of a relationship only to realize how lame and egotistical your ex is, and that you’ve wasted a colossal amount of time and mental energy on someone who just didn’t care about you. Fucking sucks, but you’re better off now, right?

The band’s new video for the track “Wasted Too Much From Time,” from their most recent album Lower the Bar, takes that song and does what Steel Panther do best: make it fucking hilarious.

There’s some quick boobie shots towards the end of the video, so maybe don’t watch if you’re at work.

SP drummer Stix Zadinia directed the video, and members of Stone Sour make a cameo as a house party band, with Corey Taylor doing his best Starr impersonation. Steel Panther and Stone Sour are touring together this fall; dates here.

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