Adimiron’s Newest Single “Zona Del Silencio” is a Surreal Journey


Adimiron’s newest album Et Liber Eris will be out November 3rd via Indie Recordings, and so far it’s shaping up to be a surreal dreamscape. The previous single “The Sentinel” was described by the band’s founder Alessandro Castelli as “a jump into the darkest depths of the human consciousness,” and it is a song that encourages the listener to look internally. With the release of “Zona Del Silencio,” Adimiron take us deeper into our minds to explore dark expanses and find light and inspiration within ourselves while the world remains bleak about us.

The new song and the accompanying video by Monika Pavlovičová work very well together. The video is very clearly Monika’s, emphasizing her particular style as its focus, but it takes so much from the music as well. The color scheme reads as if it were painted by the song itself, the atmosphere reflects the open and dream-like sound of the music in the wide spaces and fields of hands, and a few of the key elements throughout the clip represent the individual instruments and artists in this band. It’s quite confusing in intent, however; clearly this video is trying to communicate something, but it eludes me like an incomplete thought. Surrealism is rarely so focused that one can derive absolute meaning from it, but this video has a lot of elements that string together like a dream that tries to teach a lesson.

The song is splendid, with a unique feeling to it that is light on its feet in the beginning and gripping in the middle. Listening to “Zona Del Silencio” is like floating in a calm ocean, only to be quickly taken hold of and dragged into the deep, free falling into the intensity of the song’s bridge. This track is a blend of emotions and thoughts into something isolating, a solitary experience that escalates to an anxious and pressing crest but relaxes at the end.

Check out “Zona Del Silencio” below, and pre-order Et Liber Eris here.

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