Ensiferum Release New Song “King of Storms,” are Possibly Members of the Illuminati


Ensiferum - Two Paths

New evidence strongly suggests that Finnish folk metallers Ensiferum are members of the Illuminati.

To wit: the band’s new single, released literally right on the heels of the history-making Hurricanes Harvey and Irma, is called “King of Storms.” One might tempted to write this off as a coincidence… until one realizes that the new album on which “King of Storms” appears is called Two Paths. As in, “The paths of the two back-to-back, unimaginably powerful hurricanes.”

Surely, this cannot be mere coincidence. It is clear now that Ensiferum have known for some time that Harvey and Irma were on their way, and may, in fact, have had a hand in creating them.

That may seem deplorable, but consider this: “King of Storms” is a very good song. So their blood oath to The Elders of Zion was arguably well-worth it in the long run.

Check out “King of Storms” below. Two Paths comes out on September 15th via Metal Blade; pre-order it here.

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