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Misfits Make Fidget Spinners Now


The popularity of the fidget spinner would completely baffle me if I hadn’t lived through The Great Slap Bracelet Trend of 1990. And as far dumb shit people like goes, it’s still better than the Pet Rock. So. Yeah.

Smooth segue: Metal Insider reports that the Misfits are now selling their own officially licensed fidget spinners for fifteen bucks a pop. That seems like too much money for a fidget spinner to me, but I’m not the fidget spinner target audience so fuck do I know.

In any case, the Misfits fidget spinner looks exactly the way you’d think it would:

misfits-fidgetspinner-main_grandeI’m actually surprised it took this long for a metal band to release a branded fidget spinner. There are some unofficial Metallica ones on Etsy and some Slayer ones and Guns N’ Roses ones on Amazon (both of which I suspect are also not officially licensed), but that’s it. Seems like kind of no-brainer, though, don’t it?

If you’re so inclined, you can buy an official Misfits spinner here.

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