Listen: Zao Bare Their Teeth on New Song

  • Axl Rosenberg

Zao’s 2016 release, The Well-Intentioned Virus, was the band’s first album in seven years… but they sure are making up for lost time. They’ll release a new EP, Pyrrhic Victory, on November 3 — less than twelve months after the release of Virus.

And not only that, but they’ve now debuted a track from that EP! “The Host Has Bared its Teeth” is about what happens when a host organism combats a parasite, and the track certainly sounds like its trying to stave off disease. The main riff bobs not-so-gently, like a ship caught in a storm, offering hurricane winds in the form of Dan Weyandt’s wet, feverish howls. If you told me this song actually left you in cold sweats, I’d believe it.

Check out “The Host Has Bared its Teeth” below, courtesy of Decibel! Then pre-order Pyrrhic Victory here. Then, I dunno, go make yourself a sandwich or something.

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