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Listen to Some Previews of Wes Borland’s Next Big Dumb Face Album


Among the words I would’ve least expected myself to write when first starting MetalSucks: Wes Borland is a very talented fella.

His non-Limp Bizkit material is so startlingly good it’s as if played down his abilities for Limp Bizkit so he could make a dolla bill y’all. Last year he released an excellent solo record full of electronic music and atmospherics, and while I’ve not listened to his Big Dumb Face album in at least a decade, I remember thinking it was pretty decent and way, way heavier than anything Bizkit ever did.

Big Dumb Face will return next month with a new album, and Borland’s been teasing snippets from the recording process on his Instagram account. And it sounds pretty good, from what I can hear! It’s heavy. It’s actual metal. It’s got gutturals and a drum machine, just like the first record. Will it ACTUALLY be good or do I only think so because my basis for comparison is Limp Bizkit? I suppose I’ll find out on October 31st when this thing drops.

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