Heroic TSA Agents “Accidentally” Damage Thy Art is Murder’s Gear

  • Axl Rosenberg

The Transportation Security Administration, commonly known as ‘TSA,’ is surely the greatest security administration in all the world. Not only do they go to great lengths to keep our skies safe from terrorists, but it would appear that they have now implemented new tactics to keep us safe when we’re on the ground, too.

To wit: Australia’s Thy Art is Murder says TSA recently damaged $10,000 worth of their guitars. If that doesn’t make these TSA agents real goddamn American heroes, nothing does.

Kidding aside, this really does blow.  I mean, none of the damage looks like it will actually prevent the instruments from being played. This is why people hate TSA. You think Israeli airport security ever would have blown an opportunity like this? P’shaw!

[via Rock Feed]

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