Obscura Tease: “The End is Coming”


Earlier today, Obscura posted the below image to Facebook, without any accompanying text save for the hashtags #thefinal, #theend, #theendiscoming, #realmofobscura, and #relapserecords.


Understandably, fans find the use of these hashtags to be terrifying, because they could, possibly, be suggesting that “the end is near” for the band.

Hopefully, this isn’t the case. Metal Injection provides some comfort by pointing out that in a 2011 interview,  guitarist/vocalist Steffen Kummerer asserts that Obscura’s albums are creating one long narrative…

“‘Cosmogenesis’ started with the beginning of our existence, the big bang theory if you want to say so, and deals with different layers and synonyms on a philosophical basis. The second, ‘Omnivium’, takes part of the evolution in many different layers such as the basic ape to human thought, religious topics, how the human individuals evolve within their existence and uses as its basic theme the novel On Nature’s Connection to the Spirit World by Friedrich Schelling.”

…which could mean that the band’s next album is going to be called The End only because it is a conclusion to that narrative, not because the band is throwing in the towel. Of course, the above quote was given prior to the release of 2016’s Akróasis… so it’s not entirely clear to what extent Obscura are still following that narrative, if at all.

Hey. We said the quote was a comfort, not a guarantee of satisfaction.

In any case, we’ll tomorrow around 2 pm EST (which is 8 pm CET). Stay tuned…

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