Electric Wizard Debut New Video For “See You In Hell”


I’m not the world’s biggest Electric Wizard fan, but I am not feeling the new video for their latest track “See You In Hell.” It does nothing. It really doesn’t do anything, and I mean that seriously: I don’t see any form of intent other than to be a seven minute visual. It doesn’t focus in on a player’s particular talents, it doesn’t tell a story, it’s not an experiment in costuming or design, it doesn’t even make the band look cool: they don’t appear like they’re having fun at all, and the drummer, Simon Poole, looks like he has no idea what’s going on.

Look, I get it: not all music videos have to be miniature art films, but the band could’ve at least done something to serve a function outside of simply being a video — especially when it’s seven minutes long.  A lot of videos tell a story, a lot of videos exist just for fun, many are showing off a band’s talents and their skill, and plenty are to just show off the band in general, but this one does none of those things. It’s just got these guys on a stage playing music with a skull that turns into a woman in the background. They seem bored and it makes me bored.

Electric Wizard’s new album Wizard Bloody Wizard is out November 10th via Witchfinder/Spinefarm records; you can pre-order it here and you can check out some of their new merch here (the patches aren’t bad).

Check out “See You In Hell” below.

See You In Hell by Electric Wizard on VEVO.

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