Watch RiffShop’s Hilarious “Weeaboo Metal” Music Video Parody


There was a moment in time when I was about to go full on weeaboo. MetalGF and I had just spent two weeks in Japan where Marty Freidman took us around Tokyo, Babymetal’s debut record had just dropped and I was SUPER into it, I started investigating other kawaii metal bands… all the stars were aligning. Fortunately it was just a phase and this site did not turn into KawaiiSucks, although it certainly turned into BabyMetalSucks for a minute there.

The latest video from the metal parody YouTubers at RiffShop finds MetalSucks contributor David Wu and his pals poking fun at those who fail to turn around where I did and go straight off the deep end into weeaboo territory. As with all of the RiffShop videos it’s funny, well executed and painfully on point.

Now, excuse me… I’ve got some good old WHITE PERSON music to listen to!

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