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Here are Some More Insane Numbers Behind Guns N’ Roses 2017 Stadium Tour


As of this past April, the Guns N’ Roses reunion tour — which kicked off last year — had grossed a whopping $230 million. And those numbers didn’t even include seven Asian markets the tour had recently played.

While we don’t have a total yet for Guns N’ Roses 2017 touring grosses — including those shows in Asia, a European stadium run early this summer and another U.S. stadium run shortly thereafter — some numbers from the latter U.S. run have started to trickle in via the latest Boxscore report [via The PRP] and… holy shit, these guys continue to get hella paid! As if that’s a surprise.

While some of these grosses may seem less impressive than last summer’s — although they’re still nothing to sneeze at — keep in mind that this summer’s run played mostly smaller markets. And GNR have a whole slew of U.S. arena dates on the horizon this fall!

Note that these numbers are not a wholly accurate reflection of how much money these artists take home. After the ticket numbers are in, the bands still need to pay the opening acts, cover their crew and travel expenses, share a cut with the promoter, pay their manager and booking agent, etc. On the other side of it, the numbers also don’t include any money earned from merch sales. But these Boxscore reports do provide a general idea of the earning power of each of these bands, especially relative to one another.

Artist: Guns N’ Roses & Deftones
Venue: Minneapolis, MN – U.S. Bank Stadium
Date: Jul. 30th, 2017
Gross Sales: $5,567,052
Attendance/Capacity: 48,740 / 48,740
Ticket Prices: $375, $28

Artist: Guns N’ Roses & Our Lady Peace
Venue: Edmonton, AB – Commonwealth Stadium
Date: Aug. 30th, 2017
Gross Sales: $4,780,270
Attendance/Capacity: 44,393 / 46,656
Ticket Prices: $279.95, $24

Artist: Guns N’ Roses & Sturgill Simpson
Venue: Miami, FL – Marlins Park
Date: Aug. 08th, 2017
Gross Sales: $4,102,883
Attendance/Capacity: 37,834 / 37,834
Ticket Prices: $270, $25

Artist: Guns N’ Roses & Royal Blood
Venue: Vancouver, BC – BC Place Stadium
Date: Sept. 01st, 2017
Gross Sales: $4,039,950
Attendance/Capacity: 39,385 / 39,385
Ticket Prices: $278.21, $23.85

Artist: Guns N’ Roses & ZZ Top
Venue: San Antonio, TX – Alamodome
Date: Sept. 08th, 2017
Gross Sales: $3,859,017
Attendance/Capacity: 38,490 / 41,387
Ticket Prices: $250, $25

Artist: Guns N’ Roses & Sturgill Simpson
Venue: Denver, CO – Sports Authority Field at Mile High
Date: Aug. 02nd, 2017
Gross Sales: $3,846,068
Attendance/Capacity: 41,445 / 44,806
Ticket Prices: $250, $20

Artist: Guns N’ Roses & Deftones
Venue: St. Louis, MO – The Dome at America’s Center
Date: Jul. 27th, 2017
Gross Sales: $3,533,972
Attendance/Capacity: 36,382 / 41,158
Ticket Prices: $250, $25

Artist: Guns N’ Roses & Live
Venue: Hershey, PA – Hersheypark Stadium
Date: Aug. 13th, 2017
Gross Sales: $3,500,876
Attendance/Capacity: 31,087 / 31,087
Ticket Prices: $250, $30

Artist: Guns N’ Roses & Our Lady Peace
Venue: Regina, SK – Mosaic Stadium
Date: Aug. 27th, 2017
Gross Sales: $3,463,640
Attendance/Capacity: 34,434 / 34,434
Ticket Prices: $280.39, $24.03

Artist: Guns N’ Roses & Live
Venue: Winston-Salem, NC – BB&T Field
Date: Aug. 11th, 2017
Gross Sales: $3,447,947
Attendance/Capacity: 32,847 / 34,139
Ticket Prices: $250, $25

Artist: Guns N’ Roses & ZZ Top
Venue: El Paso, TX – Sun Bowl
Date: Sept. 06th, 2017
Gross Sales: $3,087,980
Attendance/Capacity: 39,780 / 43,123
Ticket Prices: $247, $30

Artist: Guns N’ Roses & Our Lady Peace
Venue: Winnipeg, MB – Investors Group Field
Date: Aug. 24th, 2017
Gross Sales: $3,008,250
Attendance/Capacity: 30,741 / 30,741
Ticket Prices: $258.52, $23.86

Artist: Guns N’ Roses & Live
Venue: Orchard Park, NY – New Era Field
Date: Aug. 16th, 2017
Gross Sales: $2,626,070
Attendance/Capacity: 32,245 / 35,630
Ticket Prices: $250, $20

Artist: Guns N’ Roses & Our Lady Peace
Venue: Ottawa, ON – TD Place Stadium
Date: Aug. 21st, 2017
Gross Sales: $2,144,550
Attendance/Capacity: 21,204 / 25,714
Ticket Prices: $218.51, $23.84

Artist: Guns N’ Roses & Sturgill Simpson
Venue: Little Rock, AR – War Memorial Stadium
Date: Aug. 05th, 2017
Gross Sales: $1,896,770
Attendance/Capacity: 26,400 / 33,102
Ticket Prices: $225, $20

Other recent show grosses from Slayer, Marilyn Manson, Lamb of God and others are available at The PRP.

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