Mastodon’s Brann Dailor Ranks the Band’s Discography from Best to Worst


The good folks at Noisey have asked Mastodrummer Brann Dailor to rank the band’s discography; you can head over there to read his explanations for each choice, or just check out the list sans commentary below. I don’t think there’s anything too shocking in his running order, and I imagine it will line up fairly well with that of many fans. Check it out:

08. Call of the Mastodon
07. The Hunter
06. Remission
05. Once More ‘Round the Sun
04. Emperor of Sand
03. Blood Mountain
02. Leviathan
01. Crack the Skye

Because it’s always a joy to needlessly debate these things, here’s my personal version of the same list… shares yours/tell me why mine sucks/tell Brann why his sucks in the comments section if you feel like it.

08. Once More ‘Round the Sun
07. Call of the Mastodon
06. The Hunter
05. Emperor of Sand
04. Crack the Skye
03. Remission
02. Blood Mountain
01. Leviathan

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