Listen to the New Single from Cyhra (ex-In Flames/Amaranthe/Shining, etc.), “Letters to Myself”


If you followed the acrimonious split between In Flames and former guitarist Jesper Strömblad you may recall that the blonde-maned Swede had a whole lot to say about the musical direction In Flames were taking, specifically that he wasn’t a fan of their new, more melodic clean-singing direction.

So it’s a bit surprising to hear that Strömblad’s latest band Cyhra sounds a whole lot like latter-day In Flames.

I’m not saying the music is bad, not by any means. It’s actually quite decent! About as good of this type of clean-sung, melodic death metal as you’re gonna find anywhere these days. I’m just surprised to hear Strömblad making this kind of metal again. Maybe he got all his heavies out with The Resistance in the years after In Flames and found himself pining for the days of yore.

You can check out Cyhra’s latest single “Letters to Myself” below, along with “Karma,” released last month. Letters to Myself comes out October 20th on Spinefarm. The band also features ex-In Flamesman Peter Iwers on bass, ex-Amaranthe singer Jake E., ex-Annihilator drummer Alex Landenburg, and ex-Shining (Sweden) guitarist Euge Valovirta.

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