Five Finger Death Punch Settle Lawsuit with Record Label


In April of 2016 it came to light that Five Finger Death Punch were being sued by their record label, Prospect Park, and its CEO Jeff Kwatinetz. If you didn’t follow the back and forth at the time, don’t worry, because here’s all you need to know: crazy against crazy!

I kid. Here’s a brief synopsis: Prospect Park claimed that the band was trying to rush out sub-par material before troubled frontman Ivan Moody self-destructed, while the band said Kwatinetz was holding up the process as retribution for being fired as the band’s manager and that he wanted to keep the label’s portfolio as valuable as possible before Five Finger Death Punch completed their contract and moved on to another label.

Variety reports today that the lawsuit has now been settled outside of court, with the label essentially agreeing to drop the suit. Prospect Park will release a Five Finger Death Punch greatest hits album this December with two new songs on it, as stipulated in their current contract, with a new full-length (which has been finished since 2016) coming next year. The album was produced by longtime collaborator Kevin Churko, who Kwatinetz also sought to block.

Five Finger Death Punch’s FOLLOWING record — after next year — will be released via Rise Records, with whom the band signed a contract last year.

And that’s that. We can now go back to making fun of Five Finger Death Punch’s music and/or rooting for Ivan Moody to get himself well, despite the former.

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