Staind’s Aaron Lewis Doesn’t Think Stronger Gun Control Laws Would Have Prevented Mass Shooting in Las Vegas


The above photo of Aaron Lewis from Staind tells you everything you need to know about the guy. It lists his interests in order of priority, and it demonstrates a lack of understanding as to how quotation marks work. It sends a signal loud and clear, and that signal is, “Hi, I’m a selfish moron.”

So it’s no surprise that the Trump supporter is one of those people who thinks stronger gun control laws wouldn’t have prevented this month’s mass shooting in Las Vegas — the largest massacre of its kind in United States history (at least until six months from now, when the next mass shooting happens).

Speaking to a CBS affiliate who helpfully titled their piece “Aaron Lewis Takes a Stand” so we know never to take them seriously as a media outlet, Lewis made the below statements about the massacre. I’ve added my own comments along the way because very little of what this pea-brained taint soaked in sweat has to say makes any fucking sense.

“Well, there isn’t a law on the books or that could have been on the books that would have stopped this horrible tragedy from happening.”

First of all, let’s all give a round of applause to this imbecile for pointing out that currently “there isn’t a law on the books… which would have stopped this horrible tragedy from happening.” Yes, Aaron, we know that there currently isn’t a law on the books which would have stopped this from happening. That’s why we want more stringent rules regarding gun control. We want to put that law in the books. Great work, Captain Obvious!

Insofar as the assertion that it would be impossible to create a law which could have prevented this from happening, that is patently dumb, dumb, dumb. I’ve been trying to type a response for ten minutes and all I can come up with is “FUCK YOU.”

“And I am not of the belief that you punish the masses because of the few.”

I actually agree with this. That’s why I don’t think all music should be banned despite the existence of Staind. Still, it might help to limit people’s ownership of automatic or semi-automatic weapons. That is not punishing the masses anymore than it’s punishing the masses to say we can’t all own more than a gram of Uranium or Plutonium. I mean, just because SOME assholes would use those materials to create WMDs, I’m not allowed to have any? How unreasonable!

“Gun control is a very slippery slope, because the people that you are controlling are the law-abiding citizens that follow the laws, that buy guns legally. These are the people that the laws apply to. The criminal would not be classified as a criminal without criminal activity, and criminals don’t buy guns legally. Criminals don’t follow laws that are applied. “

Well, the shooter in this instance, Stephen Paddock, bought most, if not all, of his guns legally. So this argument implodes immediately. “This criminal abided by the law, but we shouldn’t have laws anyway because criminals don’t abide by those.” I bet this guy pisses on his own feet each and every morning. Hasn’t hit the bowl once in his pathetic fucking life.

“So, really, all you’re doing with more gun laws is hindering the law-abiding citizens from protecting themselves from the criminal that isn’t gonna go through all the law-abiding things to get that gun.”

Good point. If only everyone in the crowd that night had had a machine gun, they all could have protected themselves. You stupid fucking worthless amoeba.


“Do I think that the ‘bump stock’ was an overlooked thing? The bump stock… I didn’t even know what the hell one was until this happened. That’s how few of them were out there; it wasn’t like this scourge that we had. Really, how can you blame the actions of a human being on an inanimate object that can’t do anything unless it’s in the hands of a person that chooses to use it with bad intentions.”

Because if he didn’t have the inanimate object, he couldn’t have done what he did. That seems pretty self-explanatory. Dingus.

“As a guy who uses [guns] for the right reasons, when you take a fully automatic weapon off of the legal market for someone to legally obtain it by jumping through every hoop in the world to be able to get it in the first place, when you take it off the market, the only market that you put it on is the black market, which is where the criminals get their guns. It’s a very slippery slope.

“When you add laws to gun control, the people that you are trying to target aren’t the ones you are affecting. Because, again, criminals don’t allow themselves to go through a full FBI screening or any of the things that I have to go through as a legal citizen of Massachusetts. I have to go through a full FBI search and everything else to have my all-lawful-purposes license to carry a concealed gun. And… it is a slippery slope.”

Lewis seems to think the black market is a chain of easily accessible stores, like Walmart. So I hereby challenge him to buy twenty-three automatic weapons off the black market and not get caught. Making it so much harder to get those guns legally wouldn’t help the problem? Really, Aaron? Prove it.

Why do I let this dumb fuck make me so angry? Oh, right: I have compassion for the families of the dead and don’t want to see anyone else suffer this same fate.

I don’t believe in violent retaliation, so I hope Lewis goes to his grave without ever learning the hard way just how wrong he is.

But if someone were to hold him down while Dino Cazares took a big, sloppy pizza shit in his mouth, I would not object.

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