Pentagram’s Bobby Liebling Sentenced After Pleading Guilty to Abuse/Neglect of a Vulnerable Adult-Custodian

  • Axl Rosenberg

Pentagram vocalist Bobby Liebling, 63, has been sentenced after pleading guilty to charges of Abuse/Neglect of a Vulnerable Adult-Custodian, believed to be his eighty-seven-year-old mother, Diane Liebling. The singer was first arrested this past spring.

Assuming I’m reading these court documents correctly, it would appear that Liebling entered into a plea agreement with the prosecutor, which resulted in his pleading guilty to the abuse/neglect charge, but pleading not guilty to a first-degree assault charge.

Earlier this month, Judge David A. Boynton sentenced Liebling to eighteen months in the Montgomery County Detention Center, minus time already served; upon release, Liebling will be on probation for three years.

I wonder what kind of treatment dudes who beat up on an octogenarian parent get in prison? I, for one, really hope they make the fucker cut his hair and shave his mustache. I don’t know if that would make him look more or less like a mutated rodent, but I feel like it would really upset him and he certainly deserves to be upset right now.

You can view court records from the case below, or at this link.


Thanks: Steve B.

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