Unsigned and Unholy: Bohr, Grizzlor, Arion


Bohr mix angular and abrasive noise metal ala The Dillinger Escape Plan / Botch with a heavy dose of progressive metal and a touch of tech-death, and their latest EP Grave Dreamer Vol. 1 is quite a stunner in just four songs. Devastating riffs and drum blasts butt up against delicate piano and sax passages for dramatic effect. I’m sorry I didn’t discover this band sooner.

“Connecticut” and “metal” usually go about as well together as Jews and K.K. Warslut, but in Grizzlor we may have found the exception to the rule as the New Haven outfit delivers a bruising blend of noise rock and sludge on their new album Destructoid, out now. Micro-label Hex Records released the effort, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they graduate to the big leagues soon enough.

Bands on the power metal spectrum usually get the short-shrift on this site, but “No One Stands in My Way” by Finnish outfit Arion really stands out. Mostly it’s just a really, really well-written song with a giant-sized chorus hook, but the musicianship and performance are admirable, too. Fans of heavier Euro power metal bands like Mercenary and Raintime should really dig this. A new album is slated for 2018.

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