Slipknot Have “Seven or Eight” New Songs Completed


Cue the countdown to the countdown of the countdown to starting to get ready to think about fixing for beginning to record new Slipknot music!!! OMGGGGGGGGG

Earlier in the year Shawn “Clown” Crahan said the band had 27 songs in various stages of completion for a planned double album, and now he tells Team Rock that “seven or eight” of them are finished. Crahan worked on the songs with Jim Root and Jay Weinberg.

And that’s it. Scintillating news, we know!

Most importantly, what does Corey Taylor think about all of this? He hasn’t been involved in the writing process yet this round but we’ve reached out to him on Twitter to ask. He’s busy with Stone Sour at the moment, though, so a new Slipknot album is still quite a way’s off. Stay tuned!

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