Enlarge They're also recording another new song for a different wrestling company.

Killswitch Engage are Recording a Cover Song for WWE


If you were getting excited for a new Killswitch Engage album — Incarnate came out in March of 2016, so the two-year mark is quickly approaching — be patient, as you’ve likely still got some waiting to do. The good news, though, is that the band has (at least) two new songs slated for arrival soon.

In a recent episode of Jon’s Untitled Podcast, KsE bassist Mike D’Antonio revealed that the band has two wrestling-related tracks in the works. The first, for a company that D’Antonio didn’t name, is finished, while the second one is a cover song they’re about to record for WWE:

“We’re actually… I’m not even supposed to talk about it, but we have two wrestling theme songs in the works right now. One I believe is finished. The second one we are gonna start recording in two weeks. One’s for one company, and then the other one’s for WWE. The WWE one was really complicated because it was another thing where they sent us a song and said, ‘You need to cover this as close as possible,’ and it’s just not a good song. We had a tough time with it and a lot of the dudes were like “I don’t wanna do this.’ And i get it. I understand. If it’s a really crappy song and we gotta put our name on it, we don’t want our fans thinking we wrote something terrible. So we got this song to where we’re comfortable and we’re gonna start recording it soon.”

Interesting! I’m dying to know what song they’re covering, but I’m sure we’ll all find out soon enough. As far as covers go it’ll be tough for them to top “Holy Diver” — and the fact that this new one is “just not a good song” certainly complicates things — but I have faith in KsE to re-work it into something decent.

Catch Killswitch on the second leg of their tour with Anthrax in early 2018; dates here.

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