A Sound of Thunder’s “Lifebringer” is Your Power Metal Anthem of the Day


A Sound of Thunder aren’t necessarily a power metal band — they straddle the line between power and trad heavy metal (Priest, Maiden, etc) — but I’ll be damned if their latest single “Lifebringer” isn’t one of the most catchy, power-infused metal tracks I’ve heard in a long, long while.

The galloping riff at the top of the song is all you’ll need to convince you the whole thing is a fun ride worth taking, but the song has everything you could ever ask for out of a rousing power metal anthem: the fist-in-the-sky chorus, Nina Osegueda’s clear, controlled vocals, twin guitar and keyboard solos, gang vocals… it’s all here! And most importantly, it’ll plant an earworm deep inside your head; it’s catchy as all get out.

Nina’s name should be well familiar to MS readers; she also fronts the now infamous Manowar tribute band Womanowar and wrote a guest column for us earlier this fall.

A Sound of Thunder’s new album It Was Metal is available for pre-order only via Kickstarter.

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