Woman Claims Suicide Silence Vocalist Eddie Hermida “Emotionally and Sexually Manipulated” Her When She Was Underage


A young Belgian woman, Verena Celis, has alleged that Suicide Silence/All Shall Perish vocalist Eddie Hermida “emotionally and sexually manipulated” her in 2015 and 2016, when he was 32-years-old and she was just seventeen. She further asserts that since leveling the charges online earlier this week, she has come into contact with other young women who say they had similar experiences with Hermida.

We can assume that Celis was motivated to come forward as part of the ongoing #MeToo campaign, an important movement  (to put it mildly) which MetalSucks supports wholeheartedly. We do not buy into the now-standard “She’s lying for attention” argument that a distressing number of men use as a defense against these kinds of allegations, because a) we know that crimes of this nature take place all the time in all industries/walks of life, and b) the process of reporting these transgressions is often highly invasive and always unpleasant — at best, victims who publicly come forward will be met by equal amounts of support and horrific opposition, which will likely include not only the standard name-calling we see on the Internet every day, but very often physical threats. It simply does not make sense that anyone would invite this kind of negative attention into their life without very good reason.

That being said, we must note that by Celis’ own admission, she cannot prove all of her accusations against the popular frontman. The above photo of Celis and Hermida, taken from Lambgoat’s initial report, obviously proves that they’ve met, and screenshots from a purported text exchange between the two do not paint Hermida in a very positive light. However, we are not able to verify the authenticity of the screenshots at this time.

Other screenshots, taken from texts with friends, Twitter, and Snapchat, are less damning, because while they demonstrate how distraught Celis was during the time period when she was allegedly involved with Hermida, they do not include any supposed comments from Hermida himself.

You can read Celis’ complete statement, as well as view the aforementioned screenshots, below. We will of course continue to follow this story as it develops.


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