This Minimalist Metal Art Belongs in the Louvre


Okay, I admit, I may be exaggerating slightly. Still, these designs from Minimalist Pulse Art (I can’t seem to find the artist’s real name anywhere on the Tumblr page) are undeniably sweet. These are just a few of my favorites:

minimalist-pulse-art-exodus minimalist-pulse-art-anthrax minimalist-pulse-art-metallica minimalist-pulse-art-black-sabbath minimalist-pulse-art-iron-maiden minimalist-pulse-art-sepultura

She or he also does these rad retro designs, too:

minimalist-pulse-art-megadeth minimalist-pulse-art-pantera

My personal favorites, though, are actually some Big Four timelines, like this one for Slayer:


Really cool stuff! Check out more here.

Thanks to Emperor Rhombus for the heads up!

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