Shit That Comes Out Today: November 24, 2017

  • Phil Boozeman

Happy Thanksgiving! Not really, I hate Thanksgiving. If you live outside the States, I envy you because you don’t have to deal with this stupid fucking holiday. Thanksgiving means that I have to listen to Christmas music for the next month, and although I care about my family, I don’t care so much for the backwards political views of a bunch of people who come from farms in Southwestern Missouri. So with that being said, I realize this list will run the day after and none of you will get to use this music to terrify your families, but if you have any lingering family members who are visiting for the weekend, then crank this shit and make the worst holiday of the year at least a little bit of fun.

Kong Vinter (Dark Essence Records)
On a playlist with Gorgoroth, Darkthrone and Carpathian Forest
Listen: “Inntrenger”

My fondest memory of Taake is the first time I ever saw their band name while I was fucked up and couldn’t figure out who to say it properly. It’s not even complicated like the third featured band is this week. I never really got into Taake as much as some of my other friends did, but make no mistake, this shit is good and it’s a very black album that comes out on a very black Friday. I can’t imagine this album would disappoint fans of the band so go ahead and pick this one up.

The Untamed Wilderness (Lifeforce)
On a playlist with Amon Amarth, Dethklok and Dusk of Mourn
Listen: “Seeds of Deception”

Holy fucking shit, man. I thought I was all ready to get my end of the year list turned in and here come Aetherian with an album that’s going to make me re-write the whole fucking thing. Okay, maybe like one section of it, but still. The Untames Wilderness is an absolute must-listen for any fan of melodic death metal. It’s one of those kinds of albums where you call tell it will rip you apart before the song is even 15 seconds in. I cannot recommend this album highly enough.

Void Masquerading As Matter EP (Dark Descent)
On a playlist with Imperial Triumphant, Krallice and Akhlys
Listen: “Self Devouring-Womb”

Where in the actual fuck do black metal bands come up with names like these? I guess we’ll never know since Thantifaxath’s band members are all anonymous and they aren’t really big on doing interviews. Also my Google search didn’t turn up anything. It bugs the shit out of me that they put the hyphen in the wrong place on “Self Devouring-Womb” but I digress. Grammar isn’t kvlt. This music is bleak and dissonant, and it’s pretty much everything you would want out of a black metal album. Oh, and to boot, this EP has four tracks with a run time of 35 minutes. Definitely a go to for making your thanksgiving the most depressing ever.

No Cure For Death (Southern Lord)
On a playlist with Cursed, Catharsis and Earth Crisis
Listen: “Day For Night”

HOLD THE FUCK ON. You’re telling me that Fall Out Boys drummer is in a band that’s heavy? It’s true, although significantly less surprising with word that he has been playing Cannibal Corpse in his FOB drum solos. But Fall Out Boy aren’t the point here. The point here is that SECT are an angry fucking band who cut the bullshit and get straight to the aggression. “Day For Night” is only 90 seconds long, but that should be all the time you need to drown out your dumbshit family members, slam a beer and hold on to your sanity this Thanksgiving.

themodernageslaveryThe Modern Age Slavery
Stygian (Innerstrength Records)
On a playlist with Apophys, Hallucinator and Begging For Incest
Listen: “The Reprisal Within”

If the other four featured albums this week have failed to terrify any family members who are staying for longer than just Thanksgiving Day, then Stygian is guaranteed to get the job done. Think of Stygian as a dude beating the shit out of you but instead of stopping when you’re dead, he keeps going until he’s fisting your brains. The Modern Age Slavery have also thrown in a few black metal elements to this album and the payoff is awesome. I wish more deathcore bands would do this, but when one good deathcore band does something good, all the shitty ones copy it and make the good thing suck. That’s life.

Dawn Ray’d The Unlawful Assembly (Prosthetic Records) listen
Dimebag Darrell Abbott Dimevision Vol. 2: Roll With It Or Get Rolled Over (DVD/CD) (Metal Blade) listen
Loch Vostok Strife (Solitude) listen
Lorelei Shadows Of October listen
Scorpions Born To Touch Your Feelings: Best Of Rock Ballads (Sony) listen
Shakra Snakes & Ladders (AFM) listen
Sorxe Matter & Void (Prosthetic Records) listen
Strife Live At The Troubadour (WAR Records) listen

At The Drive-In 
Diamanté (10″) (Rise) listen
Aversions Crown Xenocide (Vinyl) (Nuclear Blast Entertainment) listen
Black Label Society Room Of Nightmares (7″) (eOne Music) listen
Bring Me The Horizon Bring Me The Horizon 2004-2013 (Epitaph) listen
Clutch Pitchfork & Lost Needles (Picture Disc) (Weathermaker Music) listen
Danzig Black Laden Crown (Vinyl) (Picture Disc Vinyl) (Nuclear Blast Entertainment) listen
Dimebag Darrell The Hitz (12″) (Rhino/Elektra) listen
Gone Is Gone Phantom Limb (7″) (Rise) listen
Impaled Nazarene Nihil (Vinyl) (Osmose Records) listen
Kohti Tuhoa Pelon Neljäs Valtakunta (Vinyl) (Southern Lord) listen
Kreator Hail To The Hordes (12″ Picture Disc) (Nuclear Blast) listen
Ophthalamia Via Dolorosa (Vinyl) (Peaceville) listen
Pyramaze Melancholy Beast (Reissue) (Inner Wound) listen
Rush Closer To The Heart (7″) (Island) listen
Sacred Reich Ignorance (30th Anniversary Edition) (Metal Blade) listen
Shining Fiende (10″) listen
Sólstafir Berdreyminn (Vinyl) (Orange Vinyl) listen
Steel Panther Lower The Bar (Bitchin’ Picture Disc Edition) (Kobalt/Steel Panther) listen
Strapping Young Lad SYL (Vinyl) (Blood Music) listen
Strapping Young Lad The New Black (Vinyl) (Blood Music) listen
The Black Dahlia Murder Miasma (Vinyl) (Metal Blade) listen
The Black Dahlia Murder Nocturnal (Vinyl) (Metal Blade) listen
Thy Art Is Murder/The Acacia Strain/Fit For An Autopsy The Depression Sessions (Vinyl) (Nuclear Blast) listen
Tomb Mold The Bottomless Perdition / The Moulting (Vinyl) (Blood Harvest) listen
Venom Eine Kleine Nachtmusik (2xLP) (Sanctuary) listen
Watain Lawless Darkness (Vinyl) listen
Watain Sworn To The Dark (Vinyl) listen

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