Archspire Vocalist Launches Crowdfunding Campaign to Get Singing Lessons for Michael Keene from the Faceless


Oliver Rae Aleron is at it again.

The Archspire vocalist, whose penchant for inappropriate humor rivals even that of MetalSucks’ co-founders, has launched his second crowdfunding campaign since September. The first was to raise money for him to fight Tim Lambesis; this latest one purports to be raising money to purchase singing lessons for Michael Keene, guitarist, clean vocalist, and general mastermind for The Faceless:

“Please help my dear freind [sic] Micheal Keene fulfill his dream of becoming a talented singer. He has been attempting to sing for many years now but just can’t seem to figure it out. I hope that with your help and the proper training he can one day achieve his dream of singing his heart out without sounding like a nasally, tone def, strung out Mike Patton. Any donation will be greatly appreciated by everyone in the death metal community.”

It should go without saying that Aleron and Keene are not actually “dear friends” (or “dear freinds,” such as the case may be), and the crowdfunding campaign is meant as to diss Keene.

So what is the cause of this beef? The short-ish version is this: The Faceless dropped Inanimate Existence from their upcoming tour following allegations of rape. Sometime after that, Archspire’s drummer called Keene “unprofessional.” Keene alleges the comment was a reference to dropping Inanimate Existence; Aleron says the comment was the result of some other, unspecified action (although, given the year The Faceless have been having, it’s not hard to imagine what that action might have been).

The long version can be read in the below Facebook comments from both Keene and Aleron:

To which Aleron responded:

“Dude drew first blood! He posted [the above comment] a few weeks ago. I guess he decided to hate on me because my drummer called him unprofessional. I get that I’m an easy target because I’m all about making fun of myself (and mass shootings) but I did not say a single word about anything at all that could’ve prompted this kind of slander. This is just straight crazy person shit right here. Any of the Women in my life know that I would never sympathize or support anyone involved in sexually abusing or raping anyone. The dude tries to hire me to do vocals for a tour and then later rips into me online and starts talking about rape. ???? I was going to be the better person here but after hearing him whining on his new album I had to shoot back. Also, of COURSE I’m trying to sound like Spawn Of Possession dude cause they’re the shit! 😂#rapbeef

To which Keene responded:

“Your [sic] right. I drew first blood. I wasn’t paying attention closely enough when Justin was talking about what your drummer said. Not you. Can we just drop this childish bullshit?”

Unfortunately for Keene, Aleron has given no indication that he plans to “just drop this childish bullshit.” As of this writing, his campaign has actually managed to raise ten dollars from two donors. People who want to get in on this joke can donate here.

Meanwhile, The Faceless are on tour now. You can see for yourself whether or not Keene can sing on the following dates:

12/5 Kansas City, MO @ Riot Room
12/6 Dallas, TX @ Trees
12/7 El Paso, TX @ The Rockhouse
12/8 Tucson, AZ @ The Rock
12/9 Fullerton, CA @ Slide Bar

Thanks: Bretton M.

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