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I’ve Been Dreaming of a “Black Metal White Winter” with Necrosexual


necrosexualBlackMetalSucks correspondent Necrosexual released a brand new track this week… and it is perfectly Necro!

With absurd lyrics about an outlandish and ridiculous battle between gods and giants — clear to me as the tale of Ragnarok — powerful riffs that jump ‘n’ jive and groove ‘n’ dive, “Black Metal White Winter” offers us something that brings back a classic black metal sound in a fun and interesting way. Necrosexual brings me right in with his high pitched cry, and I really appreciate the main riff in the background, which has a lot of motion throughout as it takes up soaring high notes and plunges into deep channels. I also found myself in love with the story, how much fun Necro had with turning this tale into something lighthearted. While the drumming is a little toned down compared to other instruments, this song is full of delicious moments that make it so much more interesting the more you listen to it.

Check out Necrosexual’s “Black Metal White Winter” below, and purchase it here on Bandcamp.

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