Track Premiere: Crescent, “Beyond the Path of Amenti”


crescentWe don’t often hear about metal coming from Egypt; it’s not easy for the country’s bands to break out into the worldwide metal scene. But Crescent, through hard work and undeniable chops, have found a way beyond: they’ve not only toured Europe, but played at a number of prominent festivals there, and will soon release an album with international metal label Listenable Records.

So what is it about Crescent that’s garnered them so much attention? Through their blend of death metal, black metal and traditional Egyptian influences, they’ve come upon a blend that’s refreshing in its uniqueness but familiar enough to land with the masses. Think a little Behemoth, a little Fleshgod Apocalypse and a dose of Middle Eastern melody and you’re pretty close. Crescent are at once dazzling technical and startlingly tight, and their songs are catchy enough to give any fan of black or death metal a serious earworm.

Today we’re proud to premiere “Beyond the Path of Amenti,” which you can stream below. The band explains of the track:

“The heart and soul of The Order of Amenti album resides in the “Beyond the Path of Amenti” track. It represents the key features of the whole album in what it holds of melodies, hooks and aggression. The track unfolds the visions of the afterlife and the grandeur of the Egyptian afterlife mythology encompassed in the divinity and might of the great Anubis. The Hieroglyphs on the walls illustrate the path of death and resurrection, for nothing is as certain as the inevitable justice. We take pride in using, for the first time in metal history, full sentences and verses in real spoken hieroglyphs representing Anubis’ speech! “Beyond the Path of Amenti” is the first part of a trilogy that wholly forms a lyrical epic and musical journey.”

The Order of Amenti comes out February 9th, 2018 via Listenable; pre-order here.

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