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Meshuggah’s “Bleed” Get an Extra Dose of Weird Courtesy of This Guitar Thump Cover

  • Axl Rosenberg

Meshuggah’s neo-classic “Bleed” already has a bit of a sci-fi vibe to it; the song’s instantly-recognizable riff is basically a death metal dramatization of the Doppler effect, which I think is a big part of the reason it’s so memorable.

But this guitar cover, by 19-year-old Andrew Bent, really kicks the sci-fi feeling up a notch. Bent plays the entire song via thumping, the thumb slapping/finger picking hybrid technique for which Tosin Abasi from Animals as Leaders is known. The results sound kind of like two robots in a tunnel playing a very fast game of ping pong using rubber bands for rackets. That is honestly the best way I can think to describe it.

Check out the cover below, via Gear Gods:

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