Oh My God This New Track by The Crown!!!


The Crown - Cobra Speed VenomAs I was bemoaning earlier today, it’s become increasingly difficult to find fresh ways to excitedly describe new metal tracks after 11 years of doing so day in and day out. But one perk I’ll never get tired of is getting to hear albums before they’re released, and often before they’re even announced. I’ve been sitting on The Crown’s new one Cobra Speed Venom (holy shit great name) for about a month now, and hoooooo boy, you guys are in for a treat!

I’m happy that today I can not only spill the beans, but that I can share with you all a track from the record called “Iron Crown.” Rather than tell you about what it sounds like, I’d like to share a quote from the band explaining the circumstances surrounding the writing and recording of the new album that I think says it all:

“We are really looking forward to finally be able to show our fans how damn good this band can be when the circumstances are right. With that I mean to be able to do an album the way we want to do it: creating as a band, rehearsing as a band, recording as a band. You will hear a band performing here, with fierce energy and hunger!”

Right??? I can totally hear what they’re talking about; there’s a fire and a passion in this track that you can just feel. It’s electric, and the rest of the album has more the same, I promise.

Cobra Speed Venom comes out March 16th via Metal Blade; pre-order here.

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