Shit That Comes Out Today: January 12, 2018

  • Phil Boozeman

Welcome the fuck back everyone! I’d say I missed you all but I’m an alcoholic, not a liar. Anyway, as Missouri get’s shit on by ice and snow, it’s a perfect week for some killer black metal. Technically this should have started up last week, but there weren’t even remotely enough notable releases to make it worth it. This week the pickings were sort of slim, but things will pick up again next week and we’ll be back on our regular shit post/shit comment schedule. If you found anything worthwhile during the break, feel free to drop it in the comments.

Trident Wold Eclipse (Century Media)
On a playlist with Marduk, Darkthrone and Bathory
Listen: “Nuclear Alchemy”

Holy fucking shit, my dudes. What a way to start of 2018. Although this actually came out last Friday on 1/5, there wasn’t nearly enough shit to warrant doing this column, so it’s getting covered here. Watain are one of black metal’s best acts. Any self-respecting kvlt kid likes this band and after a 5 year wait since their last effort, The Wild Hunt, we’ve all been excited to see just how much more evil this band could possibly get and they do not disappoint. Listen to and buy this fucking album, and then go sacrifice something innocent.

Avatar Country (eone Music)
On a playlist with Nekrogoblikon, Christopher Lee and Ghost
Listen: “The King Wants You”

I have a few friends who really like this band so I was excited to finally check these guys out, however, I think I got hyped without thinking about the fact that I don’t like the upbeat, folky sort of powerish type of metal that they play. It’s just too damn happy for me so I am here left disappointed. That being said, however, I know there are a lot of people out there who would probably like these guys. For instance, if you liked the Charlemagne project that Christopher Lee did before he died, then you will be right at home with Avatar.

Jord (Nordvis)
On a playlist with Batushka, Dimmu Borgir and Jarnvidr
Listen: “Odalmarkerna”

Anyone who has read STCOT in the last year knows how much I love melodic black metal. Panphage are the next band on my ever growing list and paired with Watain, I can’t think of a grimmer eay to start this year off. Imagine if Dimmu Borgir recorded Enthrone Darkness Triumphant but it had a production value closer to the remaster of Stormblast. That being said, the melodic parts of Jord have a very Amon Amarth feel to them. I cannot understate how good Panphage are. Buy this album so we get more of them.

bleedinggodsBleeding Gods
Dodekathlon (Nuclear Blast)
On a playlist with Obtruncation, Altar and Supreme Pain
Listen: “Beloved By Artemis”

In case you’re not a fan of black metal but still want something evil t listen to then Bleeding Gods have you covered. Not only will you get your ear drums pummeled, but you’ll also learn some histroy when you pop in Dodekathlon. I have no idea what that history is or if it’s accurate, but metal is the best history teacher I’ve ever had so I’d imagine it can’t be that far off. But even if it is, who gives a shit. It sounds pretty good misinforming the masses, unlike a certain president I can think of.

Támsins likam (Metal Blade)
On a playlist with Týr, Barren Earth and Eye of Solitude
Listen: “Hon syndrast”

The coolest thing about Hamferð, other than their music, is that all of their songs are in a language that I didn’t even know existed (Edit: Týr play in Faroese). That language is Faroese, which is spoken by the people of the Faroe Islands. I have no idea where that is and I’m too lazy to google it, so if someone could buy a globe and point it out, I’d appreciate it. As for the music itself, it’s the most depressing thing coming out this week so if you need to spice up your winter playlist with a slightly different shade of audible grey, then this is the band for you.

Audrey Horne
 Blackout (Napalm) listen
Black Veil Brides Vale (Lava Music/Republic Records) listen
Centuries The Lights of This Earth Are Blinding (Southern Lord) listen
Corrosion Of Conformity No Cross No Crown (Nuclear Blast Entertainment) listen
Heidevolk Vuur van Verzet (Napalm) listen
Leaves Eyes Sign of the Dragonhead (AFM) listen
Sages Sleepwalker (Seek And Strike) listen
Scaphism Unutterable Horrors (HPGD) listen
White Wizzard Infernal Overdrive (M-Theory Audio) listen

Avenged Sevenfold 
The Stage (Deluxe Edition) (Vinyl) (Capitol) listen
Fates Warning Perfect Symmetry (Vinyl) (Metal Blade) listen
King Parrot Ugly Produce (Vinyl) (Housecore Records) listen
Lucifer’s Hammer Victory Is Mine (Vinyl) (Shadow Kingdom Records) listen
Thin Lizzy Black Rose & Chinatown (Anniversary Edition) (Friday Music) listen
The Crown Iron Crown (7″) (Metal Blade) listen

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