PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT: Def Leppard’s Entire Catalogue Is Now on Spotify

  • Axl Rosenberg

Def Leppard* — arguably the greatest European glam metal band of all time, inarguably the greatest metal band ever to have a one-armed drummer, and creators of one of the two-best songs to strip to ever written** — have been one of the last hold-outs*** with regards to getting their music on various streaming services. I haven’t been paying close enough attention to know why this is (Are they against the pay rates on such services? Were they in some kind of battle with a former label?)…

…but it doesn’t really matter at this point, ’cause they’ve finally changed their position, and their entire catalogue is now on Spotify (and other, similar platforms, I imagine). It’s true! The great ones (High N’ DryPyromaniaHysteriaAdrenalize), the good ones (All Through the NightEuphoria), the mediocre ones (every one I haven’t already listed), and even the kinda of embarrassing attempt to be hip and modern (Slang)!

Also, when I say they’ve got their WHOLE catalogue up, I mean just that — there’s a ton of bonus material included, which, unless you’re a Def Lep completist (I am not), you’ve probably never heard before. Like, this remix of “Bringing on the Heartbreak” by Mutt Lange himself is kind of blowing my mind right now:

As a bonus, while looking for a graphic for this post, I came to realize that Phil Collen, who just turned sixty last month, is fucking jacked:

"Oh, you think my music is soft? Say that to my face, motherfucker!"
“Oh, you think my music is soft? Say that to my face, motherfucker!”

So there ya go. Now you have your drinking music for the weekend. Now get the rock out of here and start listening.

*Don’t even try to diss them as “not metal.” Vivian Campbell from Dio is in the fucking band, for Chrissakes.
**This is the other one, in case that wasn’t readily apparent.
***You’re next, Tool!

Thanks: Brown Jenkin

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