Remember Those Andrew W.K. Conspiracy Theories?

andrew w.k.
andrew w.k.

Say, who remembers those conspiracy theories that were swirling around Andrew W.K. several years back? It seems the world has mostly moved on, but man, what a weird shitstorm/fun time that was. I don’t care to jump down that rabbit hole again because I already spent WAY too much time inside of it — you are capable of using Google, though, I’m assuming — although I will link you to this interview I conducted with Mr. W.K. himself in 2010 in which he addressed the topic (sort of), as well as this one I conducted with Donald Tardy (Obituary), who used to drum in W.K.’s band.

I bring this up now because a) Andrew WK. has a new album to promote, so it’s top of mind, and b) Andrew (OR IS IT REALLY ANDREW???) hosted a Q&A on Twitter yesterday in which he posted real-time video responses to questions fans were asking him using the hashtag #askAndrewWK. One of those fans hinted at those conspiracy theories and, well, here’s Andrew’s typically vague and Andrew-ian answer:

Some people believe that you’re a myth or a legend and that you don’t actually exist. What’s yours (sic) thoughts on this?

One of the only things I feel I can be absolutely certain of is the fact that I exist. At least in some form. I’m having something that I refer to as myself, some kind of experience which I refer to as life. Other than that, yeah, I guess, who knows?


Other questions Andrew answered included queries about the longest party he’s ever attended (“life,” duh), his favorite kind of pizza, his forthcoming album You’re Not Alone,  his favorite type of weather, his preference on briefs or boxers and much, much more. Check it out on Andrew’s Twitter page or #askAndrewWK, and watch video of the above response below.

Man, I’m totally about to dive right back into that rabbit hole again, aren’t I? I kind of already have by writing this post. OK, buckle up…

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