Cloudkicker’s New Song “Not to Scale or Painted” Was Written and Recorded in 9.5 Hours


Holy fuckopotamus: it’s been more than two years since Ben Sharp, better known ’round these parts as ‘Cloudkicker,’ released any new music. That’s obviously unusual for the generally-prolific one-man instrumental project.

So, terrific news: not only has Sharp finally released something new — a song called “Not to Scale or Painted” — but he’s taken the time explain what the what is going on:

“Recently I’ve felt a sense of writer’s block, and that I just couldn’t find the time to develop the sort of momentum I’m used to when I get into a creative streak. So today I decided that I was going to simply force myself through it.

“I sat down at about 10 am in front of an empty project with no idea what would happen. It’s now just past 7:30 pm and I have this.

“(To answer your question, I have no idea when I’ll have a full album done.)”

Hey, y’know what, Ben? Sumthin’ is better than nuthin’, and we’ll take what we can get from you.

Check out “Not to Scale or Painted” below! You can purchase it for the price of your choice here.

[via The PRP]

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