Former Machine Head Bassist Adam Duce Still Alive, Totally Woke

  • Axl Rosenberg

“Whatever happened to Adam Duce?” wondered nobody. And yet, we have an answer, thanks to the former Machine Head bassist’s decision to publicly weigh in on his ex-bandmates’ new song and video, “Kaleidoscope.” To be clear, Duce hasn’t heard the song or anything. But that doesn’t mean he can’t judge the most important aspect of the clip — what the band members are wearing.

Says El Duce (screencaps at the bottom of this post, courtesy of Lambgoat):

“Not that I’ve heard any of this fuckery, nor have I listened to one song written since I left as I couldn’t be bothered, but these outfits look GAY AF!!! In my opinion I stayed with this outfit one too many records as it were. I knew the narcissist was going to crash the ship just watching the way he approached Locust.”

What a nuanced, thought-provoking view of his former band’s new music. If I might, though, I’d like to offer a retort:

  1. Duce didn’t “stay with this outfit one too many records.” That phrase would suggest he quit the band. The correct phrase would be “I was fired by this outfit after one too many records.” I mean, it’s not as though Duce disputes that the band sacked him (he does not).
  2. Anyone who can’t come up with a better burn than “GAY AF” in 2018 should report directly to their local natural history museum so they can be displayed with the other fossils.

Machine Head’s new album, Catharsis, is out now on Nuclear Blast. Get all of the band’s upcoming “Evening With” tour dates here. Adam Duce can currently be seen not performing for thousands of fans every night.


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