Maynard Vows to Complete New Tool Lyrics Sometime Between 2023-2024


Will we actually hear the new Tool album in 2018 or not? Despite what drummer Danny Carey told us, I am increasingly feeling like the answer is “not.” And this tweet from Maynard James Keenan, which The PRP managed to screencap before it was deleted, doesn’t bolster my confidence any:


Of course, there’s a characteristically arch tone to this tweet, but there are two things about it that legit irk me. One is that Maynard refers to Tool as though he wasn’t a member of the band. I understand he couldn’t write lyrics or melodies until his bandmates were done writing the music, but still. It’s weird.

The other thing is that the tweet was deleted. I can’t imagine why Maynard decided to take it down unless it pissed off someone else in the band. And since we can trust that at least some fans would have picked up on Maynard’s jokey vibe, the subtext of the tweet — and Maynard distancing himself from Tool as an entity — is, “I’ve been waiting a decade for these guys to write new music, and now they’re done, and suddenly it’s ‘Hurry up, everyone’s waiting on you,’ which isn’t fair.” Which, much though I hate to admit it, wouldn’t be an unreasonable complaint.

Hopefully I’m reading too much into this. Hopefully it was just a joke and Maynard deleted it because he feared that the web’s less-intelligent stratosphere would truly think that he meant he wouldn’t finish the lyrics for another five-and-a-half years. But who the hell ever knows with this band. Check back tomorrow for more nonsense.

[via The PRP]

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