Of Mice & Men Guitarist Implies Code Orange Ripped-Off Norma Jean; Code Orange Issue Polite Retort

  • Axl Rosenberg

If there’s one thing I know about bands, it’s that they don’t like it when you suggest they lack originality. So I’m not really sure what Of Mice & Men guitarist Alan Ashby thought Code Orange’s response would be when he recently tweeted this:

Ashby would later claim this tweet wasn’t an insult. That would be a difficult argument to make under any circumstances, but doubly so given that when a fan admonished Ashby for his unprovoked comment, he shared a story which he clearly intended to be offensive to Code Orange:

In this context, Code Orange’s concise rejoinders to Ashby’s tweets were about as surprising as the fact that the sun came up this morning:

Sumerian Records founder Ash Avildsen then weighed in with his opinion, in which he called Code Orange “awesome” even as he acknowledged the influence of Norma Jean on their sound. Ashby took this as an opportunity to feign surprise at the culinary selection Code Orange made on his behalf:

Oh, cry me a fucking river, dude. It was too a diss. You already admitted it was a diss! Maybe not as much of a diss as, say, “I’d rather listen to Insane Clown Posse than Of Mice & Men, because at least ICP has some comedy value,” but it’s still a diss. So stop pretending to be innocent and starting chowing down on that sammy. Mmm. Just like mom used to make.

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