The Atlas Moth Release Heavy as Fuck New Track “Actual Human Blood”

  • Axl Rosenberg

The Atlas Moth can be heavy and they can be melodic, but you’d probably be pretty surprised if their new song, “Actual Human Blood,” fell into the latter category. Because. Well. It’s called “Actual Human Blood.”

It should be “Awesome Human Blood,” though, on account of its high level of kick-assitude. The guitars will grab you by the ankles and swing you ’round like a bola, the drums will concuss you, and the vocals sound like a Gremlin melting in bright light. Okay okay okay, there are some melodic bits. But mostly, this song is about as light as a bag full of bowling balls.

Check out “Actual Human Blood” below, courtesy of Metal Hammer. The track will appear on The Atlas Moth’s new album, Coma Noir, which comes out February 9 on Prosthetic. Pre-order it here! I also highly recommend our recent podcast interview with guitarist/vocalist Stavros Giannopoulos.

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