TesseracT Release New Song “Luminary” from New Album Sonder


tesseract - sonderAll credit due to the guys in TesseracT: after being one of the very early progenitors of djent they fell behind their peers a bit, doomed by constant vocalist troubles holding them back. But the Brits have righted the ship: there’s no question they’re now one of the biggest progressive metal bands in the world… nay, metal bands in the world. I mean, have you seen their live show? Good lord, they’re a force. And it’s been a solid couple of years since I’ve seen them — I’ll bet they’re even better now.

So it is with great fanfare that TesseracT announce their next album, Sonder, which will surely be one of the biggest metal releases of the first half of 2018. Along with that news we get a new track, “Luminary,” a three-minute banger that has all the hallmarks of the sound for which TesseracT have become known: deep grooves, hard-hitting guitar chugs, plush atmospherics, haunting lead guitars and a big, hooky chorus. It doesn’t break any new boundaries for the band, but first singles usually don’t, and I still fully expect and hope that the Brits have pushed themselves harder and farther than ever before on their new album.

Sonder comes out on April 20th via Kscope; pre-order here.

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