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Iron Reagan & Gatecreeper Premiere New Songs “Warning” & “Dead Inside”

  • Axl Rosenberg


Can a split be considered one of the best albums of the year? I know it’s still very early in 2018, but this thought crosses my mind every time I listen to Iron Reagan and Gatecreeper’s upcoming split (which I have already because I’m cooler than you are). I don’t think we’ve ever addressed this issue internally at MetalSucks before, and we may have to this year, because this thing rules.

Doubt me? Listen to the new tracks off the split that have just been released: Iron Reagan’s “Warning” and Gatecreeper’s “Dead Inside.” They are both just, mwah!, the sweetest possible examples of why everyone is so goddamn in love with these two bands. Seriously pissed off crossover thrash + seriously pissed off old school death metal = HIDE THE CHILDREN, THEY’RE COMING FOR US!!!

Both tracks are available for your listening pleasure below. The split drops March 2. Pre-order it here.

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