Seriously Though, You Guys, THE CROWN


The Crown - Cobra Speed VenomWhen The Crown released a new track called “Iron Crown” in January I was knocked off my feet, so I did the only thing I know to do when I really, really dig a fresh jam: I screamed to the decrepit, chipped-paint ceilings of the vaunted MetalSucks Mansion about how good it was and implored you all to listen.

Here I am again with another new cut from their album — its title track, “Cobra Speed Venom” — and… this is my version of grabbing you and shaking you into submission until you do whatever I say. LISTEN TO THIS TRACK!

Here’s my quick and lazy synopsis of Cobra Speed Venom as a whole: if you’ve felt that Goatwhore’s recent output hasn’t quite hit you right in that spot, there’s a good chance The Crown’s new material will. It’s furious, it’s heavy, it’s full of riffs, it’s intense. YOU WILL LIKE! I promise.

Cobra Speed Venom comes out March 16th via Metal Blade; pre-order here.

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