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Power Metal Party: Sabretooth, “Last Man Drinkin'”


sabretoothI’m always simultaneously surprised and thrilled when inhabitants of The MS Mansion that we hired based on their style, grace and charisma alone end up being super-talented musicians. Just last month we posted a new song and video by In Virtue, the band headed up by Trey Xavier (proprietor and housekeeping at the Gear Gods Grotto and occasional MetalSucks Mansion couch potato), and today we were alerted to the existence of Sabretooth, a New York band led by one of our newest lackeys, “Metal Reacts Only” host Jon Weigell!

As it happens, In Virtue and Sabretooth would actually make excellent tour bedfellows; while Sabretooth veer more towards the bombastic power metal side, both bands specialize in hard-charging, up-beat metal with a strong focus on epic melodies. If you watch Metal Reacts Only you’re already familiar with the opening bars of “Last Man Drinkin’” — it serves as the show’s intro — but thankfully there’s a whole lot more where that came from; the song is catchy and energetic all the way through, with soaring vocals that would make any Sabaton or Primal Fear fan shriek with delight. And hey, it’s about drinking, and surely we can all relate to that.

Sabretooth will be releasing another single in the coming months, although there are no concrete plans for a full album. We’ll keep you apprised!

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