Maynard James Keenan is Also Working on New Puscifer Music


This much is certain: as long as Tool may take to release new music, Maynard James Keenan is not at fault. Both he and the other three band members have been transparent that Adam Jones, Justin Chancellor and Danny Carey take their time writing the music, then they pass it along to Maynard to do his thing when it’s complete. Shit, Maynard only starting receiving finished instrumental tracks in January and he’s already almost finished.

Not that we didn’t already know Maynard is no slouch: A Perfect Circle are getting ready to release a new album this spring (and have been touring aplenty over the past year) while Puscifer have released three full-lengths, three EPs and a handful of remix albums since the last time Tool put out a new song. He’s also a trained jiu-jitsu practitioner and successful vintner.

So far be it from Maynard to let the ever-important task of writing lyrics for the first new Tool album in 12 years to get in his way of staying busy with other stuff: he’s also working on new Puscifer music! In a post to Puscifer’s Instagram over the weekend, Maynard shared a photo of a computer with recording software loaded up and a microphone in front, which most likely means new music unless he’s recording voiceovers for a new pr0n flick and just felt like tagging fellow Puscifer bandmates Matt McJunkins, Carina Round and Mat Mitchell.

What’s the over/under on hearing new Puscifer music before we hear new Tool? Could be interesting: winner gets to take cell phone photos without being harassed at the next APC show!

[via Ghost Cult Mag]

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