Seven Metal YouTubers, One Song: Huge Collaboration!


The very basic fact that the internet is an amazingly powerful tool for connecting people across the world has been its number one selling point since the beginning, but it still impresses the fuck out of me from time to time. Case in point: this collaboration between seven well-known metal YouTubers.

Despite many of them having never met in person before — each very successful in their own right — the group gathered together in Ontario, Canada to write and record a song from scratch over the course of two days, and then they made a music video to promote it. Pretty fucking rad. Here’s the lineup:

Jared Dines (drums, guitar)
Steve Terreberry (guitar)
Sarah Longfield (guitar)
Tyler Larson (guitar)
Glenn Fricker (not sure of his role here?)
Adam Neely (bass)
Trey Xavier (vocals)

The track was produced, engineered and mixed by Siegfried Meier, and mastered by Siegfried Meier as well at Beach Road Mastering. Check it out below!

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