Encircling Sea Get Naked and Afraid in New Video “Elderfire”


Ever watch that Discovery Channel show Naked and Afraid? For the unfamiliar: the show teams up two contestants, usually a man and a woman, stranded in a desolate location in the wilderness, completely naked, left to survive on their own for a week. It’s reality television at its absolute worst and most base, but it also speaks to the very nature of humans: in that kind of a situation people are figuratively (as well as literally) stripped to their core.

Encircling Sea’s new video for “Elderfire” made me think of Naked and Afraid. Sorry. This being metal, of course, it’s significantly more SRS than its reality show counterpart.

ANYWAY: the clip was filmed in the bush of the band’s native Australia, and it’s more a short film than a standard music video — it’s gorgeously shot and visually arresting. Encircling Sea’s music explores the boundaries of post-metal and black metal, a swirling, cacophonous brew of all things dark and stormy. It’s the perfect match for the video’s subject matter which… well, you’ll see.

Hearken, which will be released on April 6th via EVP Recordings; pre-order here.

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