Shit That Comes Out Today: March 2, 2018

  • Phil Boozeman

With the sheer amount of killer releases that dropped last week, it only makes sense that today is a bit weaker. However, I don’t really care because I’m going to see Septicflesh, Dark Funeral and Thy Antichrist tonight so I’ll have plenty of killer music to keep me occupied. I guess we’ll also see if I stay sober enough to not get kicked out of The Riot Room this time. Hint: I doubt it. In other news, my review for Between the Buried and Me’s Automata is up and you can check that out here. The album drops next Friday but in the meantime, you have Slugdge to keep you company. So get busy and get listening.

Shit That Comes Out Today: March 2, 2018Slugdge
Esoteric Malacology (Willowtip)
On a playlist with Death, Morbid Angel and Cynic
Listen: Full album stream

Slugdge are a two-piece from the UK who absolutely do not get enough credit for what they do. Although they might have a name taken from one of the least mobile creatures on the planet, their music is anything but slow. If you need something new and on the extreme/melodic end to listen to, then get in here. The music that Slugdge make is as awesome as their band name. If you only listen to one thing this week, make sure that it’s Esoteric Malacology.

Shit That Comes Out Today: March 2, 2018Iron Reagan/Gatecreeper
Split (Relapse)
On a playlist with… Can splits just go on playlists with themselves?
Listen: “Warning” and ” Dead Inside”

If thrash just hasn’t been angry enough for you lately, then you’re very lucky that Iron Reagan are around, because “Warning,” off their split with Gatecreeper, is one of the most pissed-off tracks of 2018 so far. Same goes for “Dead Inside” from Gatecreeper. Although both of these bands are already well-known in the metal community, they appear to be on a mission to make themselves more well-known by releasing this split that will, in all likelihood, end up being better than most of the full releases that drop this year.

Shit That Comes Out Today: March 2, 2018Andrew W.K.
You’re Not Alone (Sony)
On a playlist with SKY, The Darkness and The Wildhearts
Listen: “Music Is Worth Living For”

Apparently I am supposed to know who Andrew W.K. is. When I told my friends who I was covering this week they were amazed that I had never heard of this guy, despite the name sounding familiar. Anyway, I’m not sure if I would exactly call this metal so much as pop rock, but the dude is a name worth covering and it isn’t completely awful for what it is. Plus, it’s hard to pass up the opportunity to promote and album where the guy is using a microphone for his cock on a week where we are sorely hurting for quality releases. Feel free to condescend about how much I should know about this guy when I clearly don’t in the comment section.

Shit That Comes Out Today: March 2, 2018Ilsa
Corpse Fortress (Relapse)
On a playlist with Bloody Panda, Electric Wizard and Paradise Lost
Listen: “Hikikomori”

Does anyone remember that Onion video about the doom metal scientists discovering the slowest riff possible? They made a band up, but they should have just used Isla. Before I listened to Isla, I didn’t know that it was possible to play music this slow and crusty, but I guess that’s doom metal for ya’. I’m honestly not sure how people manage to play music like this and not fall asleep other than using lots of cocaine. Maybe the frantic coke highs and slow riffs make for a nice, mellow middle ground? Eh, probably not.

Shit That Comes Out Today: March 2, 2018Oceans of Slumber
The Banished Heart (Century Media)
On a playlist with Witherscape, Pesefone and In Mourning
Listen: “The Banished Heart”

If you’re looking for something heavy then I’ll tell you right up front that you aren’t ging to find it with Oceans of Slumber. Oceans of Slumber are a gothic-esque band that focus much on the vocals of lead singer Cammie Gilbert, much in the way that Evanesence did with Amy Lee, except without all of the awful that comes with being Evanesence. Oceans of Slumber are music that you could fall asleep to and do some soul searching to just by listening to how incredible Gilbert’s voice is. If you want something different and much softer than your regularly scheduled metal, then give Oceans of Slumber a spin.

Ghosts of the Timeless Void (Lifeforce) listen
Anonymous Henchmen Reborn (N/A) listen
Michael Schenker Fest Resurrection (Nuclear Blast) listen
Oceans Of Slumber The Banished Heart (Century Media) listen
Rolo Tomassi Time Will Die And Love Will Bury It (Holy Roar) listen
Savage Hands Barely Alive (SharpTone Records) listen
Stone Inch Of Joy (Pure Noise Records) listen
Stone Broken Ain’t Always Easy (Snakefarm) listen

Coma Of Souls (Deluxe Edition) (Noise Records) listen
Renewal (Deluxe Edition) (Noise Records) listen
Legend Of The Seagullmen
Legend Of The Seagullmen (Vinyl) (Dine Alone) listen
Dos EPs (Reissue) (Heavy Psych Sounds) listen

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