The Dream is Real: Fred Durst is Making a Movie with John Travolta


Few movie stars’ careers shall ever know the highs and lows John Travolta has experienced. He’s a teen idol and a movie star; he’s condemned to Look Who’s Talking Hell; he’s an Oscar nominee and an action star; he’s working with Fred Durst. Seriously, if Scientology can’t protect you from the idiot who wrote “Break Stuff,” what good is it?

The Limp Bizkit frontman turned auteur is currently directing his third feature film, Moose, in which an obsessed fan (Travolta) stalks his favorite action star, played by Devon Sawa from Final Destination. In related news, Devon Sawa is still alive.

The script, which Durst co-wrote with first-timer David Bekerman, “was inspired by a real life fan who stalked Durst many years ago,” according to a press release announcing the movie. So I guess that means Sawa is playing a version of Durst. Which makes sense. They were both famous when I was in high school.

As for Travolta, set photos published by The Irish Mirror suggest that Durst is really putting him through the ringer:

Durst’s last movie, The Longshots, was released in 2008, and went on to be the twenty-seventh-highest-grossing movie of Ice Cube’s acting career (out of thirty-two total). No word yet on when Moose will be released, but the Academy is no doubt keeping its Best Picture Oscar warm for it.

Until there’s a trailer or something for us to laugh at, here’s the best semi-metal song ever to invoke the Grease star’s name:

[via Birth. Movies. Death.]

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