Parkway Drive Sound Like Five Finger Death Punch Now


Despite the confusion of Vince Neilstein, myself, and most people over the age of thirteen, Parkway Drive, the band I have constantly remind myself are now Bring Me the Horizon, are very popular. And I guess they’ve decided now would be an ideal time to use that popularity as a springboard to the next level of success, because their new single, “The Void,” sounds more like Five Finger Death Punch than the second-wave metalcore for which the band is known.

Don’t freak out, Parkway Drive fans. I’m not accusing the band of selling out. I have no doubt they had this drek in their souls, same as their other drek. I’m just saying it’s a different sounding kind of drek. The first minute or so of their last song, “Wishing Wells,” was aping King 810, so maybe Parkway Drive are now experimenting with an array of drek-y styles.

If you enjoyed that, “The Void” will appear on Parkway Drive’s new album, Reverence, which comes out May 4 on Epitaph. Here’s the cover art, which is probably going to be the best thing about the record:

Parkway Drive Sound Like Five Finger Death Punch Now

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