New Band Featuring Members of Strapping Young Lad and the Devin Townsend Project: Singer Revealed


Earlier this week, four of Devin Townsend’s former collaborators — Jed Simon and Byron Stroud from Strapping Young Lad and Ryan Van Poederooyen and Briad Waddell from the Devin Townsed Project — announced that they were teaming up to form a new band. Understandably, fans got really excited; the quartet said they’d reveal the identity of their frontman soon, and the wild speculation began.

Now the identity of that frontman has been revealed and… well, I fear it’s gonna take the bloom off the rose a bit.

It’s Jon Howard from Threat Signal.


Look, I’m sure Jon is a nice man, and I’m 110% open to being proven wrong… but you’re ostensibly looking for someone to fill Devy’s shoes, and I just can’t really see Howard doing that. It’s like if when Lin-Manuel Miranda left Hamilton they’d replaced him with Joey Fatone. Not quite the same level.

But like I said, I’m open to being proven wrong. I’m pulling for these dudes, that’s for sure.

[via Metal Injection]

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