Shit That Comes Out Today: March 16, 2018


Although this week isn’t exactly a busy one for releases, there are plenty of good records coming out today that will keep you occupied until next Friday. I’m feeling rather uncreative as I write this intro, so I’ll go ahead and just remind everyone that believe it or not, it is very possible to go to the gym and do a good workout without posting EVERYTHING YOU FUCKING DO on social media. Especially if you’re posting videos of you curling 20-pound dumbbells. You are not impressing anyone. Every time you post a gym selfie, Attila get $10 to make a new record. Just a friendly PSA.

Shit That Comes Out Today: March 16, 2018Rivers of Nihil
Where Owls Know My Name (Metal Blade)
On a playlist with The Faceless, The Zenith Passage and The Kennedy Veil
Listen: “A Home”

Alright, everyone, listen up. We have a clear contender for album of the year right here. Where Owls Know My Name takes everything Rivers of Nihil are good at — setting mood and atmosphere on top of ripping death metal — and sends on an express trip straight up to the next level. Owls is a huge step forward from their previous effort, Monarchy. If you’ve never checked these dudes out, fix that right the fuck now. They are sure to satisfy, just like a Snickers. Except with the added bonus of making your ears bleed.

Shit That Comes Out Today: March 16, 2018The Crown
Cobra Speed Venom (Metal Blade)
On a playlist with At The Gates, The Haunted and Dimension Zero
Listen: “Cobra Speed Venom”

Cobra speed venom sounds like a drug that would be popular in the world of Metalocalypse. Does that sound awesome? Of course it does, and so does the new shit from The Crown. In the words of Vince Neilstein, who knows much more about this band than I: “…if you’ve felt that Goatwhore’s recent output hasn’t quite hit you right in that spot, there’s a good chance The Crown’s new material will. It’s furious, it’s heavy, it’s full of riffs, it’s intense. YOU WILL LIKE! I promise.” Are you sold yet? You should be.

Shit That Comes Out Today: March 16, 2018Northlane
Analog Future (Rise/UNFD)
On a playlist with literally every other boring djent band out there
Listen: “Quantum Flux”

If you wanted actual new music, then go ahead and skip on down to Monotheist. Analog Future is a live album released by Northlane, a band who by no means needed to release a live album. The idea behind this, and every other live album, is to capture the energy of the live performance itself, but rather than doing that, it just ends up being lower quality music with crowd noises over djeneric djent music. It’s hard for me to chalk this up as anything other than a cash grab, so whatever, if you’re a Northlane fan, then go ahead and waste your money. If you’re literally anyone else, go listen to something worth your time.

Shit That Comes Out Today: March 16, 2018Monotheist
Scourge (Prosthetic Records)
On a playlist with 7 Eyes 7 Horns, Ackercocke and Broken Flesh
Listen: “The Grey King”

If your week has lacked an auditory punch to the gut, then look no further than Scourge. If your week has lacked an album to use as the soundtrack as you stare off into the abyss and contemplate the infinite nothingness of the world, then look no further than Scourge. Monotheist have everything you could possible want in a death metal band, from crushing and catchy riffs to just the right amount of technical spice. And as a bonus, Christian Älvestam (ex-Scar Symmetry) makes a guest appearance on “The Grey King.”

Shit That Comes Out Today: March 16, 2018Susperia
The Lyricist (Agonia)
On a playlist with Witchery, Old Man’s Child and Dragonlord
Listen: “The Lyricist”

If it weren’t immediately obvious, Susperia take their name from the 70s horror classic Suspiria. The melodic blackened thrash outfit have a new vocalist this time around for what I believe is now their 6th full-length album. I hadn’t listened to these guys a ton so I can’t exactly compare it to the older stuff, but I can tell you that I like what I’ve heard off this album, not matter how much the YouTube comment section tries to complain about it. It almost reminds me of the comment section on a certain other website where people bitch and moan about metal. I wonder which one it could possibly be.

Black Foxxes 
Reiði (Spinefarm) listen
Casey Where I Go When I Am Sleeping (Rise Records/Hassle Records) listen
Earthless Black Heaven (Nuclear Blast Entertainment) listen
Eyes Of The Sun Chapter I (Blacklight Media Records) listen
Forbidden Seasons Promise (This Is Core) listen
Greyhaven Empty Black (Graphic Nature Records/Equal Vision) listen
Hell To Pay Bliss (GTR Records) listen
High Reeper High Reeper (Heavy Psych Sounds) listen

Glassjaw Material Control (Vinyl) (Globochem Music, Inc./Century Media) listen
In Flames Down, Wicked & No Good (10″) (Nuclear Blast) listen
Paradise Lost Host (Remastered) (Nuclear Blast) listen
The Ocean Precambrian (10th Anniversary Edition) listen

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