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Ken Sorceron Quits The Faceless


Ken Sorceron Quits The Faceless

UPDATE, 6:39pm EDT: Sorceron’s bandmates Justin McKinney and Bryce Butler also just announced they have quit the band. Read more here.

Original Post:

The game of musical chairs that is membership in The Faceless goes ’round and ’round once more: vocalist Ken Sorceron (also of Abigail Williams) just announced via Facebook that he has quit the band.

Ken’s statement doesn’t so much as even mention band mastermind Michael Keene’s name while Sorceron goes out of his way to compliment the band’s other members, so I think it’s pretty clear what’s going on here. Also, in his own words, the reasons for his departure “are easy for anyone with internet access to guess.” I gotta hand it to Ken: he dealt with Michael Keene for two years, which is longer than plenty of other past band members.

No word on a replacement yet, although band manager E.J. Shannon has reached out to MetalSucks to say that “The Faceless is not going to be canceling any shows that we have planned.”

Here’s Sorceron’s statement:

“For reasons that are easy for anyone with internet access to guess I would like to announce that I am leaving The Faceless. While I will miss playing with my boys Justin McKinney and Bryce Butler and some good times have been had over the last two years, the bad times have definitely overshadowed the good.

“I have no ill will towards the band or their manager Ej Shannon who really did his best to help the band recover over the last couple years and wish everyone the best. But without going into any details publicly I think it’s no secret that there are some deep seeded problems and I know longer want the stress and anxiety that comes along with being in the band.

“I’ll be putting my full focus back into Abigail Williams and The Accuser as I am finishing up new records for both bands over the next couple months.”

We’ll post more updates as we get them.

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